O Who are we?

- We are a law office that has been offering legal services by means of individual independent lawyers since 1996. We provide legal services within the range of a general practice; In other words it means that you can apply to us with any problem and we will do our best to find an efficient solution for you - no matter if your momentary life or business situation is concerned.

O What do we offer?

- We provide legal consultation and advices; execute legal analyses; record contracts and other papers; elaborate applications; represent our clients during proceedings with the counterparty or with business partners as well as in course of proceedings at laws or administrative bodies - both in Czech and English language. We also hold out the option of law custody or confirmation of signature.

- For both personal and legal entities we offer legal services in the whole scope of private (civil, commercial, family, labour, exchange) and public (administrative, criminal) law. We are also specialists in the issues of insolvency (former bankruptcy) proceedings. We cooperate with several executors and notaries, thus we can ensure our clients a complete execution of their affairs.

O Costs

- In principle, the fee for our service is negotiated based on the complexity of the law case and the scope of services rendered, namely as: hourly price, action price, flat (monthly) price, task price (execution of the whole matter) or poundage fee (percentage of the sum enforced). If the fee is not agreed in one of the above specified ways, the amount of remuneration is governed by the notice of the Ministry of Justice No. 177/1996 GB, lawyer’s fee, as amended.

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